how to increase followers on instagram

how to increase followers on instagram

how to increase followers on instagram Instagram has become an essential part of every brand's marketing, social presence, engaging audiences, driving traffic to landing pages and increasing conversions. If the presence of the business on Instagram is not strong, it is time to learn some new strategies to get instagram followers organically. The bigger your Instagram audience, the better opportunities you have to engage with your audience and create a unique and interesting experience for them.

how to increase followers on instagram
how to increase followers on instagram

how to increase instagram followers

Sometimes brands take the easy way out when trying to get more Instagram followers – they pay for likes, comments and followers. But these shortcuts are never worth it. The Instagram algorithm is updated regularly and they remove low-quality accounts.

Essentially, the number of followers you have on Instagram means nothing if they don't interact with your account. They need to like and comment on your posts, drive them to make purchases, get them to visit your landing page, and recommend your account to their friends.

In this blog, we discussed why Instagram followers are important and how you can get more followers organically.

Why are Instagram followers important ?

Instagram followers

This should entice all businesses to understand how Instagram works and how it can benefit their business. But success on Instagram isn't just about posting pictures. It's all about attracting people to engage them with your posts.

Many businesses are said to have gained many followers in just a few days. However, the sad fact behind this is that some of those followers are not genuine. Some businesses buy followers, some leverage automated processes.

If you're using Instagram for business, fake followers aren't a big deal for you. why Because they will never convert your customers. So, if your main purpose for Instagram marketing is to sell your products, you should avoid fake followers.

In short, you need real consumers who are genuinely interested in your brand .

Now let's see how to get more followers on Instagram.

How to get Instagram followers?

Instagram followers

Know your goals

Before you start posting on Instagram, know what you want to achieve with your Instagram account. If you know what you want to achieve, it will help you measure the results. But, first, you need to complete your Instagram bio and profile. It should contain all the vital details of your business.

For Instagram followers and marketing, you can limit your goals to just 1-2. But be specific.

20% increase in followers.

35% increase in engagement rate of your posts.

10% increase in product sales.

100 new email subscribers monthly.

Once you've set goals, you can now think about how you can focus your content to achieve those goals. In general, what kind of posts should you share? If you post random content everyday, it won't get you a good engagement rate. If you post strategically, you will get followers, likes, comments and a good engagement rate. This will help your business grow.

Effective use of images

Effective use of images in your post will result in a higher engagement rate. You can consider using a picture of people – even the audience, as this will help you bring a personal touch to your posts. The next trick is to link photos to your target. By bringing these two together, your posts provide a visual feast for your followers and deliver a message to them.

If your goal is to tell your followers that your happy customers are with your products, you can post their happy pictures in action - testimonials. If your product is complex, you can also share informative user manuals or how to use posts on your Instagram handle.

How about product-focused posts? For this, you can share posts with technical specs of your products. You can also consider behind-the-scenes photos of the manufacturing process of your products.

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Text-based images are also very popular on Instagram. Effective use of quote-based posts will also result in a good number of followers and engagement rate. The goal is to inspire your audience, and at the same time, align motivational quotes with brand messaging and customer testimonials.

Ideally, you should post 1-2 posts per day. If you can, post one video a day. Remember, Instagram is an image sharing platform. So, share original images and not recycled photographs or Google selected images.

Be consistent

As you are consistent in your content strategy, you should also be consistent in your visual content. This gives your posts and its content a cohesive look. Moreover, being consistent in your posts is also professional. Like, one post every Wednesday with a hashtag #WednesdayMania.

You can also test Instagram photo filters to change or enhance your photos. However, if you use filters, it is recommended that you use them for all posts. Similarly, you can also consider using the same color scheme, fonts, etc. All these make your brand memorable to the audience. You can choose a plan first and test it. Go with the best.


Make headlines drool-worthy

After preparing an image to share as a post, the next thing you need to prepare is a caption. Your title should be descriptive and catchy. So, use the best words and information in your headlines.


Hashtags are key on Instagram, more so than Twitter or Facebook. So, you should use them carefully and differently. Use hashtags as a medium to reach and engage with your post. What will the audience search for if they are looking for content like yours? Think like your audience and create a list of relevant hashtags that will make your posts easy for your audience to find.Remember, simple hashtags will bring you a large audience, but their conversion rate will be very low. You need to be discovered by the right people, not just any people. Also, your goal is not only discovery, but also business conversion.

How many hashtags are good to use? Somewhere between 5-15 is best. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you can use hashtags in the comment section as well. This makes it easier for the audience to read the headlines. Apart from hashtags, don't forget to use Instagram's geolocation feature. This feature is especially helpful if you are a brick and mortar business and want your audience to visit your store.

Final say

One of the main challenges of Instagram marketing is that you can't add clickable links in a post. You can add links in your Instagram bio and add “Click on link in bio” in your caption. Finally, creating attractive and engaging content and adding appropriate hashtags will ensure your posts are discovered by the audience and they will convert your followers.

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