How to increase followers on Instagram ? 20+ Ways 2022

How to increase followers on Instagram?

How to increase followers on Instagram?
how to increase followers on Instagram?

1. Make Attractive Profile

Because the more your Instagram profile looks attractive & stylish, the more people will follow it.

If you want to increase your followers on Instagram then you should keep your Instagram profile Bio, dp, name & username very attractive & stylish.

2. Use Hashtag

Apart from this, if you want to increase your Instagram followers, then you should use hashtag in each of your posts.
You can increase your Instagram followers by using hashtags like #reels #trending #foryou #viral #instagramreels #Instafollow, #Like4Like, #follow4follow #Followback in your Instagram posts.

3. Post Regularly

Not only Instagram but if you share regular post on any social media site, then your followers & fans increase.

So if you want to increase followers on your Instagram account, then you should also share regular posts on Instagram.

4. Like, Comment & Follow Other People

If you follow other people on Instagram and like & comment on photos, then they will also follow your account and like & comment on your posts in return.

So if you want to increase followers on your Instagram account and likes & comments on your posts, then you should start following active people on Instagram and like & comment on their posts.

5. Stay Active

Not only Instagram but if you will be more active on any social media site, then your followers, likes will only increase. So if you want to increase the followers of your Instagram account, then you have to be active on Instagram.

So friends, if you follow the above-mentioned tips, then you can easily increase your Instagram followers. Hope you now enjoy Instagram Par Followers Kaise Badhaye? There will be information about this.

6. Upload High Quality Photos

Instagram is primarily a photo posting application. In this way to increase the number of followers on Instagram fast, you should post high quality photo in your profile or page. By high quality photo we mean that the photo you upload on Instagram is absolutely clear. Be clearly visible

That is, after seeing your photo, people said what photo she has taken. To enhance the photo on Instagram, you get many filters, you can use them. Apart from this, there are many software and applications for editing photos, through them you can make your photo better.

7. Post On Trending Topics

This method is used by most Instagram users to increase their followers. Trending topics are those about which people search or want to know. You will get the trending topic from the news website or from the news channel. You have to make a post on it and put it with your ID.

We promise that if even one of your posts goes viral, then your same post will surely bring you thousand and two thousand followers. Thus by posting on trending topics, you can quickly increase your followers in a very short time. You can also use Google Trends to get information about trending topics.

8. Link Facebook Account With Instagram ID

By linking Instagram ID on Facebook, you will have the advantage that when a person visits your Facebook profile, he will definitely come to your Instagram profile somewhere.

Thus if he likes your ID then he follows you. In this way indirectly Facebook will work to increase your Instagram followers.

9. If you are a blogger and do blogging, then you should give a link to your Instagram account in the middle of the post of your website or if you want, you can connect your Instagram ID to Blogger. This will also increase your followers indirectly.

How to increase followers by promoting Instagram ID?

Many people think that increasing followers on Instagram is a very difficult task, but tell that my friend it is not a difficult task but it is not easy either. There are definitely some methods available on the internet that can really help you to increase the followers of Instagram. If you work on it with full dedication, then you will definitely increase the followers of Instagram.

1: To increase followers by promoting your Instagram ID, first open the Instagram application available on your smartphone.

2: After the application is opened, in the bottom side where you are seeing the icon with your profile, you have to click on that icon.

3: Now you will see three lines on the right side of your screen, you have to press it.

4: Now you will see many options on your screen. From those options, you have to press the option with settings.

5: After this you have to click on the account option.

6: Now you have to scroll down and come down a bit. On coming down, you will see a link to Switch to professional account, you have to click on it.

7: Now you will be asked to choose the category. You can select any category according to you.

8: Now you have to select your account type. As soon as you select your account type, you will start seeing the promotion key button at the bottom. Using this button, you can use advertisements to promote your Instagram ID. Although it is not free, but if you really want to increase the followers of Instagram, then you can do so by promoting your ID through it.

How to promote Instagram ID?

After you have activated the promotion button in your Instagram application by doing the above mentioned method, after that how you can use that button to promote your Instagram ID. To know about it, follow the steps given below as mentioned.

1: To promote your Instagram ID, first of all, open the Instagram application present in the smartphone and press the profile option visible in it and then directly go to the promotion option and click on it.

2: Now you have to select that post, after seeing the post you feel that people are going to like this post.

3: Now you will see the option of more profile visit on your screen, you have to press it.

4: Now you have to select the category and select the type of audience you want to show your ID to.

5: Now in the section with location, you have to select India.

6: In the interest, you have to write or select the type of content you prepare.

7: Now in the field containing the budget, you have to enter the amount of advertisement you want to show. The more you put money in it, the more your ID will be promoted.

8: When you have filled all the information, then you press the preview option. Doing so will show you how your advertisement will appear.

9: Now go to the payment mode and pay using Paytm, Net Banking, Debit Card. After this your ID will start being promoted on Instagram.

How to increase followers on Instagram? 10+ Tips

1: After creating a new account on Instagram, start posting daily, but remember to upload only the post that other people like.

2: Select the topic on which you want to post, in advance so that you can find the post to be uploaded in advance.

3: Try to put your face in your post because more likes and followers come on such posts.

4: Be sure to tag friends while posting. Due to this, more comments and likes also come and the post gets more shares.

5: Be sure to use what is trending in the post. This makes the post more likely to go viral.

6: Posts that have more than six # reach fewer people. That's why use at least g #.

7: Try to upload more videos in comparison to photos, because people like to watch videos more.

8: Be sure to come live for your audience once a week. This will allow him to see you face to face and engage with you better.

 9: You should post only on the issues which are trending.

10: Follow other profiles on Instagram if you post in that category. With this you can also get their followers.

11: Try to reply quickly to the comment in your post. With this your post will be shared more and your followers will also increase.

12: Fill the complete details in your profile so that your profile looks like Genuine profile.

13: Use Instagram's reel feature and be sure to create a reel.

14: Ask all your friends to follow your Instagram profile.

15: Make sure to have small giveaways for your audience in between. This will force them to stay connected with you and ask other people to follow your profile.

Instagram Followers Trick 2022

How to increase followers on Instagram from App? 

1.First of all you have to go to the site and application

2.After that login with fake account


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