Get More Real Instagram Followers with These 40 Tips

Get More Real Instagram Followers with These 40 Tips

1- Hashtag Usage: Whether you are trying to increase your followers for a new brand's Instagram page or for your personal account, the easiest way to reach people organically If the photo you have uploaded is for your personal account, do not forget to choose popular hashtags depending on your content. Do not forget to add the brand name as a hashtag in the images you have uploaded for your brand instagram account.
2- Like Related Content: Like the images of your personal account or other instagram accounts you see related to
Get More Real Instagram Followers with These 40 Tips
Get More Real Instagram Followers with These 40 Tips

 3- Contests: If you are trying to increase your instagram followers for your brand page, try to organize competitions where you give small gifts about your brand. In these competitions, prefer to ask a question about your brand other than the classic like-join concept.
 4- Other Accounts: Encourage people to follow you on Instagram by sharing in an appropriate language that you also have an Instagram account on other platforms you regularlyuse, suchas Facebook and Twitter, toincrease your brand's Instagram likes. # You can tell people to follow your Instagram account for such content by finding a type of sharing that is unique to your Instagram account. For example,you can only share behind-the-scenes images on your Instagram account ina social media management related to the movie.
 5- Comments: Try to make comments on people's photos that show you are really interested in the subject. Users who realize that you are approaching their photo with interest will soon be following your Instagram account.
 6- Timing: Upload your photos between 2:00 and 17:00 to get more interaction. According to studies, the average amount of interaction with a content is seen at the highest level in these time intervals.
 7- Research: If you are working on increasing Instagram followers for your personal account, follow the tags related to your own topic and like and follow new people. Some of the profiles that follow you through these hashtags may be bot accounts, but it won't hurt to gain new Instagram followers for your future work.
 8- Cleaning: Delete your unnecessary and poor quality photos to make your profile or brand page look more professional and followable. No one will want to follow a profile that makes such posts, and your current followers will start to unfollow you over time.
 9- Sponsored: If you consider allocating a budget to increase Instagram followers, it is possible to reach very large audiences in a short time with advertising options.
10- According to the researches, this filter was chosen as the most effective filter on its own.

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11- Biography: Take care to effectively use the biography section that Instagram provides for users with a certain If you want to gain new instagram followers, be careful not to exceed 5 in the number of hashtags you will use in the bio field.
12- Ask Questions: Give people a reason to comment by adding small questions to a corner of the photos you have shared. In this way, both your interaction rates and, accordingly, your Instagram follower count will begin to increase.
13- Sunday: Sunday is one of the days when Instagram users spend the most time in the application during the week. Thus, you can increase your interaction rates more and more than normal days.
 14- Be Determined: Always remind yourself why you opened your Instagram account and what you aim for. If you continue to share regularly with determined steps on the path you have taken, your Instagram follower count will start to increase organically. The point you need to pay attention to here is that you should not leave the topic you are sharing.
15- Take Action: Include patterns that will mobilize your users in your photos or in the direct comment section. Ask them to tell what they think in the comments section or ask them to share their experiences about your photo. # For example, under the photo you took at a vacation spot, “Where was your best vacation spot?” Invite users to comment with questions such as, or even tag their friends under your photo.
16- Frequency: Do not hesitate to share photos on your profile frequently. UnionMetrics research shows that frequent posting does not negatively affect your photo interactions.

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 17- Recommended: Do not forget to follow the people that Instagram recommends for you, especially your Facebook friends and people directly related to you. For this, you can easily find your friends on different platforms by pressing the gear icon in the upper right corner. On average, 2 out of 3 people you follow will be following you back.
 18- Location: Do not forget to add a location while uploading your photos.

Get More Real Instagram Followers with These 40 Tips

 19- Onlypult: We mentioned that sharing photos frequently does not cause any problems, but instead of uploading photos one after another, it would be better if you prefer to share photos at minimum 1 hour intervals. For this, Onlypult etc. You can choose applications that you can schedule for the future.
 20- Interact: Do not hesitate to follow new accounts related to your brand or person, like their photos and add your comments in a friendly language to their photos. After expressing your opinion sincerely in the comments you have made on the photos related to your subject, you can invite users to review your profile by writing down what your brand or person has done as a footnote.
 21- Collage: Try to make a collage of your photos on the subjects you are interested in with Instagram's Layers application and upload them. You can be sure that the photos you share as collages will get more interaction than your other posts. # For your brand page, you can determine the most liked photos that users tag you and share these contents as a collage on a weekly basis. Users who see their photos shared will greatly benefit you in your efforts to increase followers on Instagram.
 22- Tagging: In order to increase your interaction rates, share your thoughts on your profile by tagging people who use your products or make nice comments about you in your photos. People who use your products or upload a photo they took with you can be shown as an example of this type of tagging method.
 23- Blueness: According to research, profiles that share photos with predominantly blue tones are followed 24% more than profiles that share in red or orange tones. If you are trying to increase the number of your Instagram followers, it is useful to take care to capture blue tones in your photos or to provide this with filters.
 24- Wednesday: We mentioned above that people's Instagram usage rates increase on Sundays. The day with the most interaction for the shared photos was determined as the middle of the week, that is, Wednesday. It will be very useful to increase your interaction rates and get good feedback, especially if you make an important announcement or posts that you see better than your other content on Wednesdays.
 25- Ask for Comments: According to research, content with the word "comment" in the photo gets more interaction than the comments that don't exist or that are requested in the description section. Try to place an expression on a corner of your content that you deem appropriate, explaining that you are waiting for your followers' comments with minor adjustments.
 26- Faces: If possible, make sure to include human faces in the photos you share. According to research, photos with faces get 34% more likes and reach more people than other photos.
 27- Light Colors: You can make your Instagram photos very different with different filters, but do not make your image darker while doing this. According to research, photos with 65% or more apertures get 24% more engagement than other photos.
 28- Your Own Hashtag: If you are working on increasing Instagram followers, especially for a brand page, take on this hashtag by determining a hashtag that is both related By encouraging people to use this hashtag in your posts over time, you can introduce your brand to people who share in different situations. # The hashtag #anΔ±yakala, which emerged years ago for Hilton's instagram works, is still used, and the number of photos uploaded with this hashtag has exceeded a million.
 29- Guest: Consider delegating the management of your brand account to prominent profiles related to your brand's topic for a certain period of time. The content to be created by these people, whom you will invite as guests, will instantly attract the attention of both your own followers and hundreds of potential followers related to your topic.
 30- Re-Sharing: Re-share the content that users share about you and that you deem valuable, both on your personal account and on your brand page, using the “Repost” application. In particular, by sharing images containing your products, you can nurture your existing followers with a sense of trust and direct them to sales, as well as support other people who use your products to upload photos of your brand products. # I can say that this kind of incentive for the Instagram accounts of brands that sell products is the best move to increase Instagram followers.
 31- Frame: While editing your photos, do not hesitate to make arrangements that make your content stand out, such as borders or frames. According to research, photos with frames are liked 125% more and people are not afraid to follow these profiles.
 32- Tell a Story: Take care to share photos that have a story behind them that can affect people and tell this story to your users. Photos fed with a story can easily reach more people on Instagram.
 33 You will be surprised to see the number of people who follow your profile in a short time and the people who like your photo.
 34- Iconosquare: To follow which of your Instagram posts get more interaction and likes, choose one of the applications like Iconosquare or Statigram. Determine your most appropriate type of sharing for your followers by checking your posts at regular intervals.
 35- Editing: Identify Aviary or a similar photo editing tool according to your needs and start using it. The best way to get more engagement for your images and increase your follower count is to keep sharing quality content. Make sure that you can make the blue and light tones mentioned above with this application.
 36- Ask for Likes: According to research, the words “Like” and its derivatives on the image increase both the rate of increasing Instagram followers and the number of likes of your photos by 89%. Take care to make such posts a few times a week, not in all your posts, but in the images you find appropriate.
 37- Quote Images: Sharing the words of a famous person or the description of an object is one of the most popular content types of social media. Take care to make such posts about yourself or your brand, especially on important days and events, by examining profiles such as 8fact and Uberfacts.
 38- Analysis: Use Crowdfire or a similar application to track how your Instagram posts affect your follower increase and decrease. Thus, you can easily identify which posts help you increase your followers on Instagram and which ones are harmful, and you can identify the points you should stay away from. # In order to stay one step ahead of similar brand and individual accounts,I strongly recommend that you also pay attention to competitor analysis studies. Before starting your account, you can identify the points you can stay away from and improve by watching your competitors' posts.
 39- Associate Partnership: Take care to carry out studies that will support each other by talking to profiles that share Instagram posts on similar topics. By mutually sharing each other's profiles on certain days of the week, you can attract the attention of your non-partner followers and gain new Instagram followers.

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