How To make Instagram Reel Viral ? How To Reel Viral On Instagram

How To make Instagram Reel Viral ? How To Reel Viral On Instagram

Do you also think that the Instagram reels of people around the world are getting viral. But only your own instagram reels are not getting views or even if they are coming, then very little or say that they are not equal, then believe this article for you.


Because in today's article we are going to give you information related to making your instagram reels viral, in this same article today we will first have some basic information related to Instagram reels like – What are Instagram reels?, This feature When was it launched for India users and how to use it etc. Will answer many questions.

After which you are also going to tell some tips & tricks related to instagram reels becoming viral, so stay tuned in today's article to get complete information.

What is Instagram reels?

“Instagram reels” is a feature of Instagram social media application recently launched last year, using this you can put short videos of 15 seconds like in short video apps like Tiktok, Snack videos and Josh, these short The videos have been named reels by Instagram.

The launch of this feature “instagram reels” in India was being seen as a master stroke of Instagram, since this feature was launched by the Indian government in July 2020 on the ban of 59 apps, to be honest Instagram “Tiktok Wanted to replace him, but how successful he was in carrying out this work, only time will tell.

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How To Increase Follwers On Instagram?

How to Record Instagram Reels?

Recording Instagram reels is very simple, to record Instagram reels you just have to follow 5 steps, let's see.

Step 1. First of all open Instagram app.

Step 2. Click on the Camera icon in the top left side of the App interface.

Step 3. Select the option of Reels from the options of LIVE, STORIES and REELS from the sliding menu at the bottom.

Step 4. Now make your reel even more attractive by choosing Music, Playbacks, Emojis and Effects from the 4 features given on the right side.

Step 5. Once everything is set, press the Record button (Camera icon) given in the center to record your reel!

The best way to make Instagram reels viral!

See, if you want to make your instagram reels viral, then you have to follow some tricks or say that along with applying the settings, some of the tips mentioned by us will also have to be followed. And if you successfully do all these settings and also follow all the tips as told by us, then the chances of your Instagram reel becoming viral increases a lot.

So let's now know about those two magical settings that can prove to be effective in making your instagram reels viral at once.

To apply these settings, first open the instagram application on your mobile, then open the features menu from the 3 dots on the top left.

And go to the option of “Settings”, now as soon as you go to the options of Settings, you will see the option of “Switch to professional account” here, if you have not yet switched your Instagram account to knowledgeable account. So by following some simple steps, make IG account a Professional account, otherwise if you have already done so, then proceed directly to the next step.

Now that you have switched your simple Instagram account to Business/Professional account. So while on Settings, go to the “Privacy” option, and when you go to the Privacy option, you are going to get a new setting, “Reels Control”.

Actually, within Reel Control, you will get this feature “Remix” which you have to enable, now you will also be able to create Remix reels from your Instagram account.

 Well this is a matter of setting, but now a Pro tip for you – If you also want to make your Instagram reels viral like fire, then tie the knot of one thing, that if you want to make reels, then only on trending topics, Mr. Yes, let us make you understand it better.

Actually, after enabling the feature of remix, now you can make remix on more than one viral reels, remember that often the chances of viral remixes of viral reels are also very high.

After that, as far as the other setting is concerned, then once again go to the instagram app by clicking on the 3 dots, open the features menu and go to the privacy option again, but this time you have to scroll down and click on “Recommend on Facebook” option, so that your reels will be recommended on Facebook as well, the number of engagements coming to your reels is to a large extent when shared on two amazing social media platforms – Facebook and Instagram. As a result, you will get many more views and shares on your reels than before.

Something like this will be Instagram reels Viral! (Tips to viral instagram reels) :-

So let us finally talk about some of those tips which will give even more chance to make your Instagram reels viral.

Tip 1. When posting reels on Instagram, you have to share your reels on both the options Feeds and Reels, and usually you will probably do so, but keep in mind one thing that if you do it within 3 to 4 days. If you start getting a good response on these reels, then remove your reels from the Feeds section within a few days, this will keep the momentum of your reels going viral even if your existing audience does not have reels. reach

Tip 2. Use maximum number of Hash tags (#) on reels, apply relevant and trending hashtags with reels will help in making your videos viral.

Tip 3. Some Common Instagram reel Hashtags like #feelitreelit ; #feelkaroreelkaro ; #reels ; Use golden hashtags like #reel and #instagramreel.


Tip 4. Our fourth tip is also related to Hashtag, and in fact it is a Power tip i.e. the tip by which you can boost your insta reels up to 100 times and that is at least for your reels. Also use 30 Hashtags, including five Golden Hashtags – #reels; Don't forget to embed #reel and #instagramreel with the reel.

Tip 5. And the last tip is to use text inside your reels as much as you can, in fact Instagram's Algorithm will be able to understand your reel better, what topic your reel is actually on, or Then what exactly are you showing in your reels.

Conclusion :-

Today you learned how to make instagram reels viral, in today's article we have given you what is Instagram reels?, information related to their launch, the necessary settings to make reels viral and lastly some very important tips.

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