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Instagram Followers 2021 

Creating engagement on social media: this is often the holy grail of social media marketers. Instagram is becoming more popular by the minute and users are following the content of big brands on foot. Many small businesses, from hair salons to fashion boutiques and from cafes to restaurants, owe their success to Instagram. They have found users who like, comment and post messages. This helps tremendously in attracting new customers who would otherwise never have reached them. So how can you achieve the same? To answer that question, I looked at how successful companies get more out of their Instagram account. From this I have been able to compile 9 tips that will increase your commitment.

Instagram Followers 2021

Use all Instagram features

Instagram's algorithm prioritizes accounts that use all features. The algorithm is getting smarter. Instagram therefore wants to encourage users to create more diverse and interesting content. And that is quite logical; Of course, the company does not invest a lot of time and money in developing new technology if they do not want people to use it.

How to increase followers on instagram?

Create an Instagram business account

The first thing you want to start with, if you have not already done so, is to switch to an Instagram business account. With a business account, you get a view of your statistics and access to the advertising opportunities, and view your account more professionally.

Perhaps most interesting is the option to place links in your stories and the contact button that is added to your profile. When it's your goal to get as much traffic from Instagram to your website as possible, this is a huge plus.

However, an Instagram business profile is not for everyone. Later, I created a handy infographic to help you decide if switching to an Instagram business account is worthwhile:

  • Use different types of content

Instagram started out as a simple place to share your photos but is now much more than that. For example, you have Instagram stories, videos, carousel posts, ads and highlights. And after reading this article, there may be even more options.

Variety, that's what it's about. It therefore does not save anything to use the same type of content day in and day out. Your posts will be boring and, not entirely unimportant, the Instagram algorithm wants you to use all the features.

Something you should not forget and you may be able to convince: posts with video have a much higher engagement ratio than photo or carousel posts. Of course, you can not just post videos. This would be tedious in the long run (and difficult to keep up). Still, it pays to use video here and there on Instagram to keep your content interesting. Use Instagram analytics

If you decide to switch to an Instagram business account, you will have access to a whole host of analytics that will help you improve your Instagram performance. This is how you get insight into:

The location of your users

The gender of your followers

Insights into specific messages (so you can see which messages perform best)

Use polls, stories, highlights, video and more

By using the different features and thereby varying in the content you post, your engagement will improve. Later in this article, I will delve deeper into the different types of content. Tip: start using the new features immediately as soon as they come out. Instagram's algorithm will reward you for this, which in turn will benefit your engagement.

2. Try to use Instagram stories daily

It seems that many Instagram profiles suffer from declining reach. This is due to a change in the algorithm that prevents messages from appearing chronologically. One of the ways to stay on top of your followers is to post stories regularly. Stories are directly above the feed, so even if someone does not see your post back in the feed, chances are you will be seen at the top.

More importantly, stories look different, feel different, and give you the opportunity to seek engagement in other ways. Because the stories only last 24 hours, you can insert them in a more personal and relaxed way. This will also appeal more to Instagram users. Good to know: some users prefer watching the stories rather than scrolling through their feed. This way you are there in the places where your users are.

3. Experiment with the different video formats

Did you know that video generates more engagement than any other type of post? Probably so, so this is the last time I say it, see it as a friendly reminder.

Assuming you are serious about video, what are your options?

Videos in your feed

Videos remain on your profile (unless you choose to delete them). So you'll want to spend enough time getting them the way you want them. The nice thing is that you can search for videos when you add hashtags. This makes it easier for users to find the video. So it's worth making some high quality unique videos. You probably will not make it as often as you make stories.

Perfect for:


Product announcements

Big branding campaigns

Everything you want people to come back for and share

Videos in your stories

Like I said before: stories disappear after 24 hours. So you do not want to post videos that you want people to come back for. The advantage of this is that your videos do not have to look extremely similar. They may feel more ‘down to earth’ and you do not have to worry that you will regret the way you showed the video months later.

Perfect for:

Live announcements

Event footage

A look behind the scenes

In practice, you will use both possibilities interchangeably. Which one you choose for a particular post will depend on what you want to achieve:

4. Schedule your messages for the peak hours

Google on ‘the best time to post on op’ and you will no doubt get results for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and just about every social network that has many users.

You will often be given a list of the best times to place your post for the network you are looking for. And since people have taken the trouble to find out - based on all kinds of studies - why not use one?

The big difference for Instagram is that unlike the other social media channels, you could not schedule messages until recently. So when you wanted to respond to the posting of the perfect time, it was necessary that you were ready at that moment to 'send' your post.

Fortunately, this is no longer necessary. Thanks to tools like Buffer, it has become possible to schedule your messages. This ensures that you can always share your content at the best possible times.

The exact timing of your messages is more important than you initially think. Instagram's algorithm responds positively to posts that get engagement quickly. When your audience engages with your content soon after the post, there is a greater chance that your post will be shown to more people. This is likely to create even more engagement.

So, when is the best time to post something? Of course, this will be different for each account. The answer is therefore also: it depends on it. Therefore, you should not stare blindly at the best times indicated by the examinations. Also, check out your own data. So try posting at different times and look at your stats. When do your followers get the most engagement with your posts? By analyzing your data, it could just as well be that your perfect time differs from the time prescribed by the surveys.

5. Post the correct times

Social media can be very tempting. Just think about it: if you know that one post gives you 10 likes or 5 website visits, for example - or whatever other metric you use - then you would like to post something as often as possible per day.

This is exactly how some companies use their social media. But, like so many things in life, the revenue from social media will decrease. You can not continue to post endlessly and hope that you achieve consistent results. You can also not post something weekly and then expect everyone to give you the attention they want.

So we will have to look for balance.

6. Look for new ways to interact with your community

The following tip is all about influencer marketing. A very popular Instagram strategy. This tip is for companies that do not have a budget for influencer marketing or simply do not realize the value of it.

So instead of influencer marketing, you might want to take a look at your fans, followers, or friends. Maybe you can work with these people. Below I give you four examples of content content that work well when you enter into a collaboration.

Behind the scenes: Take your followers behind the scenes and show them “making or” moments of your latest product or marketing campaign. Encourage them to respond and build your commitment in this way.

Takeover: Have a partner, employee or maybe even a customer take over your Instagram account for a day, allowing them to give their own twist to posting on your account. If this discourages you, consider conducting short interviews with people from your area. This way you still have control over your own account.

Contests: When creating Instagram content in itself is a daunting task, a contest can be the ideal way to encourage your followers to contribute in their own way. Plus, contests are inherently well-suited for engagement because you typically ask your users to do something before they can participate. If you plan the contest well, you can expect a lot of commitment.

Tutorials: You want your followers to trust and believe in your brand and expertise. You can express your expertise by teaching others. For example, your tutorial may consist of simple tips & tricks, or even in-depth product demos to show your followers that you are willing to help them.

These simple forms of content allow you to more easily connect with your followers. This will hopefully encourage them to promote your brand within their own communities. A simple and natural way to grow.

7. Make use of influencers

This is the big brother of the tip you just read. You broaden your network by involving others in your Instagram strategy, and that in turn creates new followers. So it goes without saying to find the people who have the largest (interesting to you) network. Whoever thinks of Instagram, thinks of influencer marketing. The market is growing astronomically and companies are expected to spend € 1.7 billion on influencer marketing next year:

8. Listen to your community

Good social media marketing comes from two sides. You can not continue to shoot hail (posts swing the world) and hope you get shot once. You have a much better chance of reaching your followers if you understand what is important to them. Read the comments and conversations on Instagram. This can give you valuable insights, you will then be able to:

Understand your followers better

Tailor your content to the needs of users

Find out what people think of your posts and brand.

Find relevant hashtags and discover how people use your brand tags.

9. Use polls in your stories

Polls are similar to contests in that they are a direct call-to-action for your followers. And that by definition leads to more commitment. Polls are even easier to create than a contest. You do not have to pick winners or award prizes and you do not need a good reason to set up a poll.

Plus: followers who vote are also once again involved in the outcome of the poll. This way, they'll pay more attention to your account because they want to see the result. This can increase the percentage of followers who view your stories while the poll is running.

A few simple questions you can ask and reuse are for example:

"What do you prefer: a or b?"

"What kind of content would you like to see from us more often?"

"Which of our announced products are you most looking forward to?"

Social media marketing is never as simple as you would like. It takes the necessary effort and a little luck to come up with something that generates traffic to your website. Actually, you do not need examples at all. If you have a question that you would like to answer yourself if someone else asked it, then you probably have the right question for your poll!

                      How to get Instagram followers?

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With the advent of social media, there have never been so many ways to get in touch with potential customers. After reading this blog, do you still have questions about Instagram, or have you become curious about how you can use other social media channels for your business? Then sign up for our social media training and get started with the social media strategy for your business! Also follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest online marketing developments!

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